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Project Pylons Feature on Musee magazine

Updated: May 28, 2020

Project: Pylons at Kuwait

The reason I like photography is very simple. I think that the photograph has the power to look at the part which I did not notice in usual. When I stayed in Kuwait for a while, the desert and the pylon were a boring part of my daily life.

In the meantime, the scenery and buildings did not shoot very much. My interest was candid and surreal street photography. The Kuwait desert and pylons was not of my interest.

Then one day, the pylons and the heavy equipment passing between them came as interesting as the streets of any big city. I was imagined to show the current situation of the modern human who should run to where is from the appearance of the pylons which are arranged at regular intervals.

It is impressive that when a bus carrying heavy equipment and people passes between the towers, it seems to be trying to maintain the modern civilization that humans have achieved. It seems that the pile of industrial waste that is no longer useless is showing the ruthlessness of being thrown away in the middle.

Interesting is the structure that turns the barren desert into a strange, familiar landscape.

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